A Blustery Email From Joe

I get quite a bit of email. Much of it remains private. But sometimes I make it public, as “The Dialogues” section of this website indicates. The dialogues recorded here are fairly old because although quite a few want to engage me in dialogue, which I oblige, few offer anything new. It’s the same old stuff over and over again. So, one’s work doesn’t make it to the dialogues easily. It has to offer something a little different, even novel. Above all, the emails I get and my response to them must offer an opportunity to teach the truth of God’s word within the crucible of meaningful dialogue. Joe Anderson's blustery rants offer just such an opportunity. It is not that his rants are different or less blustery than many others I receive from atheists/evolutionists/materialists, only that his bluster so typifies the content of his ilk that I have decided to record his and my remarks here in the dialogue section. As you will see from my response, the ball is now in Joe’s court. My very public challenge to him is really quite simple: Either put up or shut up! I predict he probably won’t shut up, but he will, I'm sure, be sorely taxed to put forth one smidgen of proof for his claims—not one! We shall see.

From: Joe Anderson, whose email address is themodelcitizenband@yahoo.com, on February 26, 2006

Religion is a Product of man, IT IS PROVENT THE EARTH HAS BEEN AROUND FOR BILLION, yes BILLIONS of years and there has been many different type of florishing spiecies,Christ , GOD or whatever you want to call him  or her, is a fictional character, And hopefully one day Religion Will end and the human race will evolve into it's next stage. YOU HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THAT EVERYTHING IS UNIVERSAL, The universe is doing somthing huge, and in our lifetime we will never understand it simply because or human brains can never comprehend it. JESUS IS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER AND HIS CHARACTER HAS RUIENED EVERYTHING WE HAVE TRIED TO ACOMPLISH IN THE HUMAN RACE. You are A ZOMBIE sir, Trapped in a Lie that will have you beliveing until your dead, This message alone will never be enough to convice you, But Maby thats a envious thing that you will live in a world of bliss based on how you were raised. HAVE FUN WITH YOUR FANTASY

Reply from Allan Turner on February 26, 2006

Dear Joe,

It is interesting that you title your email to me, “I’m sorry but your [sic] wrong,” but you offer not one shred of evidence (that’s right, EVIDENCE) to prove your assertion. It is interesting that you say, “it is provent [sic] the earth has been around for billions...of years” without giving one iota of evidence to support such a claim.

From reading your email, it is clear that you believe in the General Theory of Evolution. But once again you give no proof that the theory is correct.

You say, “The universe is doing somthing [sic] huge,” like the universe has some ability of its own. But how is it that you can believe inanimate matter is actually doing something while charging me with living in a fantasy world for believing “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”?

So here’s a little challenge for you, “professor.” Write back to me with just one thing you know to be true about evolution (note that I’m speaking of the General Theory of Evolution, or macroevolution, here). I remind you that I’m asking you for proof of this, not just some assertion. As smart as you are, you should be able to come up with something real quick, so I’ll post this exchange in a prominent place on my website so it can be established just how quickly you come up with just that one thing you know to be true about macroevolution. I’ll be awaiting your response.

Yours in service to Him,

Allan Turner

Well, it didn’t take long for “I am a good person in life,” as he refers to himself, to respond. You recall that I said I didn’t think he would be inclined to shut up, even if he could not put up. His kind usually won’t. However, I also predicted he would not be forthcoming with any proof either. As you read his response, notice the absence of any proof whatsoever. Joe Anderson is an embarrassment, I’m sure, to many atheists/materialists/evolutionists who will read his crass response. But here’s my point: what he says seems to reflect how many of these folks really feel about us and the religion we practice. The world, of course, hated Jesus and eventually took Him out and nailed Him to a cross. It is no wonder, then, that the world hates us, His followers, as well.

From: Joe Anderson, whose email address is themodelcitizenband@yahoo.com, on February 26, 2006

PLEASE, your acting like I came up with Evolution, Do your resaerch Moron, Evolution is no longer a theory it is a FACt. I Have no Problem Saying "[expletive deleted] GOD , [expletive deleted] JESUS CHRIST IN THE [expletive deleted].SO [expletive deleted] U and [expletive deleted] Your Religion, Because no matter how much u belive your fantasy the true beggings will be revealed in the future when Religion (christianity, Catholics, Jews or Whatever) will be proven to be a product of man, Im sorry sir but RELIGION IS THE THEORY, All You Have is A Bible that YOU SIR HAVE NO PROVE OF IT's ORIGIN, So DONT TELL ME ABOUT PROOF, MANY SCIENTIST HAVE STUDIED FO MANY YEARS TO FIGURE OUT HOW LIFE WORKS ON THIS PLANET, YET YOU WILL BELIVE A MAN NAMED WHATEVER, WILL SAY JEBADIA, A STARVING BUM WHO HAD NO UNDERSTANDING OF THE UNIVERSE THE ENVIRONMENT OR THE WORLD, He probobly believed a comet was a God coming to earth, OHHH lets sacrifice a coww... I DON'T BELIVE IN GOD BUT I WILL TELL YOU WHAT I BELIVE IN. I believe in world Peace, Ending Hunger, I am A good person in Life and i will not burn in a so called hell, if this caring person burns in hell just because they had facts to belive otherwise, THEN GOD IS AN EVIL ENTITY, EVIL. this is the last message i will send because like i said before SIR you are a Zombie And nothing I say Will Convince you otherwise, As much so as I will never be convinced. GOOD DAY HAVE A GOOD LIFE BELIVING IN A EVIL GOD THAT WILL BURN GOOD LOVING PEOPLE FOR USING THEIR BRAINS... PS. [expletive deleted]

On February 26, I notified Blustery Joe with, “For your information, our revealing dialogue is posted for all to see at http://www.allanturner.com/ALetterFromJoe.html.” Below is what this self-described “good person” who believes in “world peace” and “ending hunger” had to say.

From: Joe Anderson, whose email address is themodelcitizenband@yahoo.com, on February 27, 2006

YOU ARE A PIECE OF [expletive deleted]

So, I’ll close this highbrow discussion with Ranting Joe Anderson by calling attention to his claims to “believe in” (notice his use of the religious word here) world peace and ending hunger. I can only wonder what he’s personally doing about these things, but I rather suspect his “faith” in these is pretty much the dead kind that James talked about in James 2:14-26. However, and I’m going to be camping out here because this was my purpose for listing this dialogue in the first place, notice how poor ol’ Joe offers not one smidgen of proof to back up his bold and arrogant atheist-materialist-evolutionist claims—not one smidgen... not one iota... nothing... nada... zilch... zip!
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