What’s Reasonable About It?

Mt. Rushmore Example

Scientists get excited about finding stone tools in a cave because they speak of intelligence—i.e., a tool maker. No one believes such artifacts designed themselves. Neither would anyone believe that the carved heads of the Presidents on Mt. Rushmore are the product of millions of years of chance erosion. We can recognize design—the evidence of the out-workings of intelligence—in the man-made objects all around us. Similarly, as in William Paley’s famous teleological argument, a watch implies a watchmaker (Natural Theology, 1802). However, many leading scientists believe that all plant and animal life, including the incredibly complex brains of the people who make watches, automobiles, et cetera, were not designed by an intelligent Maker, but rather came from an unintelligent blind evolutionary process. Again, I ask you, Is this a reasoned-out, defensible position?

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