It Was “Freedom Of,” Not “Freedom From” Religion That The Framers Had In Mind

First Amendment

Although many of our Founding Fathers were Deists, they did not lean toward Atheism, as secularists allege. In fact, the Deism of the Founders’ day would pass as a rather conservative “Christianity” in much of today’s society. Instead of thinking of religion as something which must be expunged from the public lives of Americas, the Founders were disposed to believe religion an ally of reason and not its enemy. They happily advocated a “freedom of religion,” not a “freedom from religion,” as it is today reinterpreted by insurgent revisionists. It is, therefore, time to awake from slumber, for the day is fast approaching, and perhaps is, when the multiculturalization we are perpetually subjected to will have erased from our consciousness what was an extremely important, commendable and worthwhile heritage. For our children’s and grandchildren’s sake, may God bless, and not damn, America. But unless we awake and come to our senses, we must know He will have no choice but to engage in the latter.

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