What Happened To The Iconoclasts?

Tearing down the idols

American churches claiming to be “of Christ” are being absorbed by their surrounding culture. Instead of being the penetrating leaven that leavens the culture around us, as Matthew 13:33 says, we are being eaten alive by the world’s influences. Instead of walking circumspectly, as Ephesians 5:15 requires, we are, much like the deer caught in the headlights, first blinded, then mesmerized, by the “isms” of our day. Instead of being the totally unique people 1 Peter 2:9 calls us to be, we are a denuded bunch of spiritual and intellectual miscreants. It is time to regroup, strictly patterning ourselves according to the truths contained in God’s word. For it is only then that we’ll be the iconoclasts the Lord called us to be. This will not be an easy task, but if we are determined to make the effort, then God will enable us to do exactly what He created us in Christ Jesus to do.

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