Speaking Of “Blind Faith”

The worship of science

We live in a society where the prevailing worldview is Evolutionism. Another name for Evolutionism is Naturalism. Evolutionism/Naturalism has five major tenets:

  1. Matter exists eternally and is all there is. There is no God.
  2. The universe exists as a uniformity of cause and effect in a closed system.
  3. Human beings are just complex “machines.” Their personalities are an interrelation of chemical and physical properties we do not yet fully understand.
  4. History is a linear stream of events linked by cause and effect but without any overarching purpose.
  5. Death is the extinction of personality and individuality.

These five tenets are built upon seven astounding presuppositions:

  1. everything ultimately came from nothing,
  2. order came from chaos,
  3. harmony came from discord,
  4. life came from nonlife,
  5. reason came from irrationality,
  6. personality came from nonpersonality,
  7. and morality came from amorality.

Of course, these seven premises are built upon blind faith. I say blind because nothing in our observation of the universe indicates that any of these seven premises are true. In fact, all the observations of science tell us these seven premises are baseless. Consequently, Evolutionism/Naturalism, much to the embarrassment of its disciples, is nothing more than a Religio-philosophical system built on nothing but blind faith.

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