Genuine Compassion


Many Christians tend to either naively think that compassion is always sugary sweet and never condemnatory or cynically believe that no one is a worthy candidate of it. However, authentic biblical compassion is neither naive nor cynical. Instead, it is the glue that holds Christianity together, allowing it to be gentle and tender without deteriorating into trite sentimentality and unpretentiously sacrificial without being melodramatic.

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  1. Allan,
    I have just subscribed to your blog, and look forward to your comments regarding the necessity of following and obeying New Testament doctrine. I try to share a biblical thought with my family and friends every Thursday morning, and hope to share your blog when possible, because……. Once you experience God’s Word it become contagious, and you feel the need of sharing it with others!
    Thanks again for sharing God’s Word…!
    ole olsen

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